Are you a business owner? It’s easy to stay glued to the news, questioning the future of your business during this time of self-isolation and physical distancing. While we’re staying optimistic and hopeful that these times will pass soon, we want to help for the time being. We see PODS® as an extension of your business so we’re confident we can make your transition to using storage seamless. No matter the industry—from restaurants to retail, see how our storage containers can help support your business.

1. Warehouses & Construction: Our portable containers are the perfect collection, installation, transportation, and warehousing solution. On-site construction storage can cut costs and save you time with your tools and materials only a few feet away from you! We will deliver (through contactless delivery) a sturdy, weather-resistant container you can load at your own convenience for your projects!

2. Retail: If your business is still sending online orders, our storage containers may be a good store-in-a-container solution for inventory while you have extra floor space. You can also expand your back room and consider reducing labor costs by increasing your onsite storage capacity. Our professional staff can also work with your team to create customized supply chain logistics to transport and store your goods closer to the point of use. Reducing stock clutter is key with a high volume of online orders, so we’re here to help!

3. Health Care: During this time, medical centers and healthcare providers are demonstrating a great need for storage space. As demand for patient space inside hospitals and medical centers increase, storage containers can be used as isolation units or to store medical supplies. Our durable, weather-resistant storage containers can hold your supplies while you free up space for patient care.

4. Food: If you’re a restaurant owner and are currently only offering curbside pick-up or delivery, storage containers may be a great way to store unused restaurant furniture or create extra space for food preparation. Keep your non-perishables, outdoor furniture, and even decorations safe and easily accessible in a storage container! You can store and protect your restaurant inventory at one of our Secure Storage Centers or at your location.

5. Real Estate: If you work in the real estate or property industry, you may expect to face some challenges with the selling process. Having your clients stage their homes is an important step when it comes to selling and has a significant impact on how quickly and for what price their home sells! A big part of this process entails removing excess items and furniture. Portable storage allows your client to clear the clutter and store items in a secure and accessible container. If your client is moving, they can take care of two hassles at once—load up their container and move their items to their next home when they’re ready!

If any of these apply, call our team at 480-530-6438!

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